A message from our WM

It is with great sadness that we have to report that W. Bro. Brian Mayling PPrGSwdB LGR, Secretary of Semper Paratus Lodge and Scribe E of Semper Paratus Chapter, passed to the Grand Lodge above this morning, Friday 10th December.

We thank the Great Architect of the Universe that he is now at peace after his long fight with illness.

A Mason in the truest sense of the word, he was kind, considerate, always there with a kind word of encouragement and a friend to all.

He was, and will always remain, Semper’s Father Figure.

R.I.P. W.Bro. Brian

Our Newest Members

Wednesday 8th December saw the initiation of our newest member Bro. Kevin Juggins, an excellent ceremony with Kevin escorted perfectly by Bro. Dean Casey a fine JD. A most enjoyable meeting with over 40 Brethren in attendance. We also welcomed W.Bro. Paul Hanlon PPrSGD into the Lodge.

From Left to Right – W.Bro Adrian Barlow PGAlm, W.Bro. David Laidlaw PJGD PPrAGM, W.Bro. Mick Hollis PPrSGW, SW-W.Bro. Rick Walker PPrGSwdB, W.Bro. Martin Bourton PPrGSuptWks, WM-W.Bro. Tom Edwards PPrGSwdB, Bro Kevin Juggins, JW-Bro David Scott, DC-W.Bro Jim Flinn PrSGW, W.Bro Julian Salcombe PPrADC, SD-Bro Garry Twynham

Return of the chapter

Members of the Semper Paratus Chapter were honoured by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of Oxfordshire by receiving the “Oxfordshire Chapter of the Year award for 2021”. This was made even more special by the exaltation of 2 new Companions – Comp. Dean Casey and Comp John Blackmore.

The members present were (left to right) Comp. D.Braun, Comp. J Blackford, E.Comp. P.Leaver, Comp. K.Mace, H – E.Comp. C.Ward, J – E.Comp B.Greenwell, E.Comp. D Lockwood, E.Comp. N.Sawyer, Z – E.Comp R.Walker, MEGS – E.Comp J.R.G.Hilditch, Comp. D.Casey, Comp. J.Warren, Comp. D.Scott, Comp. B.Mayling, E.Comp. J.Flinn, E.Comp. A.Pallett, Comp. E.Borges, E.Comp. R.Claridge, Comp. G.Twynham
Our first Chapter meeting of 2021 everyone happy to see Comp. Brian Mayling our celebrated Scribe E and “Founding Father”

Semper Family BBQ 8th August 2021

107 of the Semper Family – Lodge members, Chapter members, and Social supporters kicked-off the post Covid social activities with our annual BBQ.

As usual it was a very enjoyable occasion during which over £1,120 was raised for Charity. This in itself was remarkable as this was raised completely by voluntary donations. The usual raffle being avoided due to any lingering Covid concerns.

It was an unusual sight to see the whole buffet, which included chicken, burgers and sausages followed by gateaux and trifles all served by masked volunteers wearing surgical gloves. However, this did not detract from a tremendous afternoon, even the weather, while not baking hot, was dry and sometimes sunny.

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The organiser finally relaxing

The latest pictures from the Woodstock Masonic Hall refurbishment

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The Provincial team have created a new website with some interesting news and links specifically for the province of Oxfordshire, click the link below to go there

The latest pictures from the Woodstock Masonic Hall refurbishment

All pictures were taken in December 2020 by WBro.Jim Flinn


Welcome visitors and newcomers

12 | December | 2018
The Deputy Provincial Grand Master VW. Bro Neal Clive Spencer, escorted by the PrAGDC W. Bro Stephen Pope and accompanied by the PrSGW, W. Bro Cliff Ward and the PrGOrg, W. Bro Peter Smith attended the Semper Paratus Lodge number 3015 on the 12th of December at Woodstock and witnessed an excellent ceremony of a double raising of Bro’s Gilbert and James. The Ceremony was carried out by W Bro Bob Greenwell who was ably assisted  by both older and younger members of the Lodge. Over 50 brethren were in attendance for both the meeting and the festive board that followed, all enjoying the occasion.

Left to Right:Bro D Braun SW, W.Bro Stephen Pope PrAGDC. VW Bro Neil Clive Spencer DPrGM. Bro Mark James & Bro Lee Gilbert, W.Bro Bob Greenwell WM, W.Bro R Claridge Chaplain and the acting Junior Warden, W.Bro Steven Earl
Photo by bro. K Mace

A warm Semper Paratus welcome on a cold night

02 | March | 2018
A wonderful installation ceremony at the Semper Paratus Lodge No. 3015 was held on 28th February where W.Bro. Bob Greenwell was installed into the chair by W.Bro. Julian Salcombe.
The ceremony was followed by a very enjoyable and entertaining festive board where over 70 brethren attended including 31 visitors.
A very generous cheque was presented to the PSGW by the WM for the 2022 festival.

The evening was witnessed by a good number of active provincial officers led by W.Bro. Chris Beckley who was representing the RWPrGM and included W.Bro. Ivor Hawkins PrGSec, W.Bro. Peter Smith PrGOrg, W.Bro. Yanto Evans PrGStwd and W.Bro. Bob Swanton PrAGDC escorting.

Picture 1
Left to Right:
W.Bro. Ivor Hawkins, W.Bro. Peter Smith, W.Bro. Chris Beckley, W.Bro. Bob Greenwell WM,
W.Bro. Julian Salcombe IPM, W.Bro. Yanto Evans and W.Bro. Bob Swanton .

Picture 2
Left to Right:
(L-R) W.Bro. Chris Beckley PrSGW, W.Bro. Bob Greenwell WM

Semper Paratus Lodge No. 3015 restores link to its history

16 | April | 2017

Ex-firefighter W.Bro. Bob Greenwell PrGSwdB with the bell
Ex-firefighter W.Bro. Bob Greenwell PrGSwdB with the bell

When ex-firefighter, W.Bro. Bob Greenwell acquired a bell formerly used on a London Fire Brigade Dennis fire engine and presented it to the Semper Paratus Lodge, little did he realise that he would be instrumental in rekindling one of the oldest traditions of the Lodge.

Bro. Secretary, W.Bro. Brian Mayling recalled seeing an article published by the “Freemasons” when reporting on the Lodge’s Consecration on 9th January 1904. It carried a reference to the Lodge’s expectation to provide a Masonic home for members of the National Fire Brigade’s Union. And the following extract from that report draws an interesting analogy between the Fire service and Freemasonry:

“An onlooker would think it wonderful how each man took his station, and everything was in order and regularity within one minute of ringing the fire bell”

The bell has now been beautifully mounted and adorned with an assortment of Fire Service and Masonic emblems and badges by W.Bro. Karl Symes of the Alfred Lodge No. 340. It also carries a variety of Masonic symbolism so while it is a lovely piece of Lodge furniture it is also of great interest.

The bell is used to call the Lodge and Festive board to order and the nine o’clock toast.