The Semper Paratus Lodge strongly encourages all Master Masons to complete their 3rd Degree by joining the Royal Arch (commonly known as Chapter.)

The Royal Arch is a beautiful degree, dramatic in its Ceremony, and full of allegory and hidden meaning. It takes brotherhood to the next level as Craft Masons become Companions in the Royal Arch in their journey through life. As such it is the completion of a Craft Mason’s journey through ‘Pure and Antient Freemasonry’ from Initiation to Exaltation.

The Book of Constitution declares: “Pure and Antient Freemasonry consists of three degrees and no more, those of the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason including the Supreme Order of the Royal Arch.”

A Craft Mason is eligible to join the Royal Arch when he has been a Master Mason for no less than four weeks, after which he can join the Semper Paratus Chapter or any other Chapter. There is no compunction to join the Chapter attached to his own Craft lodge, or indeed in the same centre.

In summary, whilst we all have choices, joining the Royal Arch first after the Craft is the natural step for the Master Mason to take because:

Of its indissoluble link with the Craft, it is the completion of the journey through pure and antient Freemasonry, the happy ending to the tragedy which is the Third Degree”.

The Third Degree leaves us in the air, the R.A. is the only way to complete your journey through pure and ancient Freemasonry.

  • It takes friendship and brotherhood to an even higher level – Companionship.
  • It invites you and supports you to explore the spiritual nature of man.
  • It has a beautiful Ceremony full of history, allegory, and hidden meaning.

As in the Semper Paratus Lodge, the  Semper Paratus Chapter is operated on a “light touch” policy whereby Companions are encouraged to progress at their own pace, on their own terms. It is not onerous financially and only requires the commitment you want to give. We only have 2 regular convocations (meetings) per year, which are very enjoyable indeed.

To find out more:

Speak to your Lodge Mentor, Lodge Chapter Representative or any Brother wearing a Chapter jewel, be it on a white, red, or multi-coloured ribbon (see pictures below).