The Semper Paratus Lodge was formed from members of the National Fire Brigades Union and was consecrated on Wednesday 6th January 1904. The lodge met at a number of different locations during its years in London.

As membership declined the main nucleus of the lodge were Oxfordshire masons and as a result they elected to relocate the lodge to the Province of Oxfordshire. After much hard work and organisation the lodge made its Oxfordshire home at the Masonic Hall Woodstock holding its first meeting in 2012.

Since relocating to Woodstock the lodge has more than doubled its membership both from members of the Chedelintone Lodge No. 6508 and a new members from the local area. The lodge continues to grow and prosper and is about to launch the Semper Paratus Chapter.

View of the lodge from inside


2012 Woodstock Masonic Hall and the Province of Oxfordshire extended the hand of friendship and support. The move was completed when the Lodge held its first meeting at Woodstock.
2004 The Centenary meeting took place.
1980-2000 During the 1980’s and 90’s coaches could regularly be seen outside 333 Banbury Road picking up brethren, meetings of 40 – 50 in attendance were commonplace.
1972 Following the closure of the Criterion Restaurant the Lodge moved to the Royal Angus Hotel, 39 Coventry Street, London. It was never intended that this would be considered as a permanent home for the Lodge and it actually only met there six times until it was decided to meet at the Southgate Masonic Centre on the 24th October 1973 which it did for nearly 40 years.


The Lodge moved to the Criterion Restaurant, Piccadilly Circus.


The Lodge celebrated it’s 50 year existence and to mark the occasion special Volume of the Sacred Law


The Semper Paratus Lodge No. 3015 was formed as a Masonic home for members of the National Fire Brigade’s Union and was added to the roll of Metropolitan Lodges