Chapter Meetings

2021 Chapter of Instruction & Chapter Meetings

  • Monday 01/08/2022 7:00pm coi (T)
  • Monday 08/08/2022 7:00pm coi (T)
  • Monday 15/08/2022 7:00pm coi (T)
  • Monday 22/08/2022 7:00pm coi (T)
  • Tuesday 30/08/2022 7:00pm coi (T)
  • Wednesday 07/09/2022 6:00pm —— Chapter Meeting
All Meetings subject to Covid-19 regulations in force

Next Chapter Meeting 07/09/2022


Booking forms will be opened 14 days before meetings

Companions must fill in a form for each meeting whether they are Attending, Dining or Sending Apologies. Note Permanent Diners must fill in a form if they are not dining.

Guest Forms must be filled in by any Semper Companion who is inviting guest(s) to allow Festive Board seating plans.

Visitors Forms are for Companions who wish to attend the meeting without being associated to a particular Semper Paratus Companion.